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The Luna Sponge Menstrual Tampon

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Luna Sponge Tampon (x1)

Luna Sponge Tampon (x1)

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All sponge tampons come with a detailed instruction leaflet.

Unbleached, highly absorbent and small pored, the hygienic, comfortable and re-usable Luna Sea Sponge Tampon is a discreet alternative to conventional tampons. Sea sponges have been used since ancient times by women in coastal areas for menstruation and interestingly, have been been used by prostitutes for centuries, as it meant they could continue working, whilst bleeding. Luna Sponge Tampons have been ecologically farmed and harvested. With careful rinsing and natural cleansing, a LUNA SPONGE will last 6 months to a year.

All sponges are stiff until they is moistened with water. Once wet though, they are completely soft and mould to your shape. As they are so soft and squishy, you cannot feel them whilst inserted (unlike High Street tampons). A sea sponge absorbs menstrual blood like a tampon, but as the sponge is moist when inserted, it will not dry out the vaginal canal and alter the pH of the vagina, like a tampon can.

To Insert - Moisten the sponge and then squeeze out the excess water and insert into the vagina as far as is comfortable.

When the sea sponge tampon is saturated, remove it, rinse it out and reinsert. How often a sponge must be rinsed, depends on how heavy your flow is. A lot of women remove their sponge in the shower, morning and night, using two at a time on heavier days, so that they don't have to remove them during the day.

When at home, 1 is sufficient, as you can easily rinse and re-insert. When out and about it can be easier to have two, you can remove one and immediately re-insert the clean one. When you finish bleeding, clean your sponge, following the directions below. Some women clean them again before inserting them again.

Cleaning Instructions - Immerse in a cup of boiling water for one minute (no longer). Customers also report soaking in a solution of Colloidal Silver (I personally use this method).

Some people recommend adding the following after the water has cooled slightly -

  • 1tbsp. baking soda
  • 1tbsp cider vinegar
  • A few drops of tea tree oil (Tea Tree oil has been shown to inhibit 60 strains of bacteria, including staphylococcus aureus)

About Our Sponge Tampons

Luna Sponges Are Ecologically Harvested

Controversies (Taken from the'Green Your' website) - Environmentalists are concerned about over-harvesting, especially since so little is known about the importance of sponges to the food chain and the potential medicinal uses. Sea sponges are the primary food source for the endangered hawksbill sea turtle for example. If sea sponge populations decline, it's likely this ancient species will be pushed to extinction. Having said that, you can rest assured, Luna Sponges are harvested ecologically (and WEN have checked with the suppliers and confirmed this.)

Luna Sponges Are Unbleached

Nearly all sea sponges have been bleached using hydrogen peroxide, to make them more attractive, as well as to kill any bacteria. This makes them the pretty pale yellow colour. Bleached sponges and High Street tampons are supposedly 'clean' and 'white', (or 'pale' in the sponge's case), but neither are sterile. Many consumers have moved away from bleached tampons, not wanting to insert hydrogen peroxide into their vaginas because of the associated risks of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)see here. Unbleached products make sense and women can take charge of sterilizing their own tampons.

Fungal Infections - Do you suffer from an over growth of Candida albicans? Soak your sponges in Colloidal Silver and insert into your vagina. Some people soak their sponges in a diluted vinegar solution (which alters the pH of the vagina). Candida like it to be more alkaline, vinegar makes it more acidic.

A wonderful, completely natural home remedy.

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