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How to make your own menstrual pads taken from WEN

How to make your own menstrual padstaken fromWEN (Women's Environmental Network)

When you make a washable towel you are creating something special and personal for yourself. So be creative, experiment with different materials and designs, and have a great time! Washable menstrual products, whether homemade or bought can be used in combination with other forms of menstrual products. If you want to celebrate the transition from girlhood to womanhood with your daughter or a group of young girls, using and making your own washable menstrual wear can help them develop into more environmentally aware, practical and healthier women.

I have to point out here that I am not in the slightest bit near being a domestic goddess, but I know many women are, hence the reason I include this information, so don't feel guilty if the thought of attempting this fills you with a sense of panic! Just quickly pass on to the rest of the site and forget what you saw here!!

Fabrics & Styles

Suggested fabrics

Suggested fabrics

100% cotton fabrics eg old towels, sheets, pyjamas, t shirts, cotton flannel, or hemp, anything you feel is comfortable, soft and gentle next to your skin.


a)Wrap & insertb)Wrap & winged insert

c)All-in-one d)Envelope

e)Wrap & insertf)Padded pants



  1. Wrap & insert - with ric-rac bands to hold insert in place

  2. Wrap & winged insert - as above

  3. All-in-one- As in Wemoon, Minx & Minki Pads

  4. Envelope - As in Popolini Pads

  5. Wrap & insert - Popular style

  6. Padded pants - Can work out expensive

  7. G-style - Popular for overnight, some women wear them without pants for a g-string feel


For the full leaflet on making your own menstrual protection (see here) downloadable pdf doc


Outer Pattern

Medium Wrap

Medium Wrap


Taken from the Womens Environmental Network Factsheet, Washable Menstrual Towels, April 2004 - For Exact Measurements, please download the factsheet (see here) downloadable pdf doc


1. Trace this pattern and place on double thickness of fabric with good side facing inwards.

2. Cut around leaving seam allowance (outside dots). Actual size if overstitching edges















3. Overlock around edge or sew around edge leaving one end open (inside dots open at one end); trim and turn inside out.

4. Sew up open end.

5. Add poppers to wings (riders & cyclists don't like poppers, girls that are not wafer-thin (that's most of us then!) don't like velcro, as it can rub the legs!)

6. Finally, hand sew either -

  • a pocket at either end

  • or attach some ric-rac bands or tape at either end


Inner Pattern

Medium Liner

Medium Liner

1. Check size (width and length) on your pants (but I think it should read check the length/width of the pad you just made, as it will be fitting in it!)

2. Actual size if overlocking (cut round the black line), if not overlocking, add outside seam allowance when cutting (ie cut round the red line)

3. Pin to fabric

4. Add four - six layers for light flow, more for medium - heavy flow (flannel is less absorbent than terry, but bulkier)


5. Trim, turn inside out, fold in seam and sew end. For liners with wings use wrap pattern without poppers.

Or, for an all-in-one towel sew several liners, according to your flow, between the two layers of the wrap, or on the outside.


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